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Note: BPS has made changes to what schools are available under the new plan. Go to Discover BPS to see which schools your child can attend and what programs and facitilies are available at various schools.

This page is designed to help you find the schools you could apply for under the new Home-Based assignment plan adopted by the school committee in March, 2013. Under the plan you are able to choose from among the closest schools in different quality tiers, in addition to any school within one mile of your home, and up to three additional "option" schools in order to help BPS manage school capacity and ensure that all families have access to certain programs like advanced work.

Enter your address to see your schools:

After you search, you can check the box in the lower-right to include the proposed new North End School (please read this post about assumptions I made about this school).

Click the markers for details on each school. You can also explore options for various parts of the city by double-clicking anywhere on the map to see schools for that location.

IMPORTANT: These results are based on information provided by BPS. While I have attempted to verify the results, there may be inaccuracies.

Don’t see your school? Only schools with grade K2 are included. For example, Ohrenberger is not included because students in K2 attend the Beethoven which feeds the Ohrenberger.


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