This site is a project of Josh Weiss, a South End resident, Boston Public Schools parent, member of the BPS School Quality Working Group (SQWG), and software engineer. is devoted to making the Boston Public Schools better for all children of Boston. Right now it is focused on the work of the SQWG which is currently underway. As part of the recently completed school choice reform process, BPS released quite a bit of data on schools and students. I have used some of this to create some maps and tools to help visualize the current state of BPS.

Please see my blog to learn more about the SQWG, and other issues related to BPS. To stay up-to-date with BPS Workshop, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

Visualize BPS

We’re using data provided by BPS to create maps, charts, and tools. The better we understand where BPS is now, the easier it will be get where we want to be.

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Are Low-Income Immigrant Students Being Undercounted?

This year the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) changed the way they determine which students are low-income. Under the old method, any student qualifying for free...
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Discussion with BPS COO Kim Rice on Student Assignment Logistics

Way back in September Kim Rice, Chief Operating Officer of BPS, sat down with me to discuss issues around student assignment. Here are some of the items we talked about.I raised the issue of wait...
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Review of September 2013 School Quality Working Group Meeting

September's School Quality Working Group meeting was mostly focused on the structure of the group and our process going forward. The Quality Assurance subcommittee had asked for a discussion of...
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