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EAC Meeting Review - 10/23/12

Another day, another EAC meeting. Tonight's meeting focused on choosing one or more models to submit for evaluation to BPS or to the plan's author. Discussion was mostly about shared zone and shared school models.

The committee is very interested in a plan being developed by Peng Shi, an MIT PhD student. This plan would pair or group schools together to balance quality. Families could choose any of their four closest schools, plus any additional schools within one mile of their address. In addition, families could choose any school grouped with their nearby schools. So it incorporates the concept of pairing and the four closest schools concept of the Quality Choice Plan. One advantage of this plan is that because it doesn't use zones,...

EAC Meeting Review - 10/22/12

The External Advisory Committee on school choice met tonight to discuss potential new school choice plans. I didn't take extensive notes, but I'll try to get as much of the big picture and details as I can. If you were there and have anything to add, please post it in the comments.

The meeting started with BPS presenting a report to the committee. The report contained more analysis on the five models proposed by BPS. They also presented some info on feedback they received both on-line and at community meetings. They handed out a summary at the meeting, but the entire 160 plus page report including every piece of feedback they received will be available tomorrow morning on...

This Just In: BPS Releases Analysis of Community School Choice Proposals

BPS has just released an initial analysis of the school choice plans submitted by community members. This report will be presented to the EAC at tonight's meeting, 6pm at 73 Tremont St., 9th floor.

State of the School Choice Reform Process

I would like BPS Workshop to be a site about all matters related to improving the Boston Public Schools. For now, though, I am focused on the school choice reform process that is currently underway. So let’s dive right in and take a look at where the process stands.

Early this year the superintendent appointed an External Advisory Committee (EAC) to help the district select a new plan for student choice and assignment. The committee held several meetings over the spring and summer to solicit feedback from the community on what is currently working and not working and what factors the EAC should consider when creating a new plan.

Earlier this fall,...


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