BPS Presentation to Boston City Council


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I received a scan of the presentation that BPS made to the City Council yesterday. I assume that BPS will post this soon, but I wanted to make it available to anyone who wants a preview. I'm not sure if this is identical to what will be presented to the EAC, but it might be.

Much of what's here is already on the BPS site, but there is also a small amount of analysis of the plans. Based on this it looks like all the plans do better than the current plan as far as equity and distance from home, but the information on equity is very limited. Also, note that some of the bar charts are deceptive because they don't start at zero. For example, the distance chart makes it look like students travel 7 times as far in the current plan than in the proposed 10 zone plan, but it's really 60% further.

One other item that was mentioned in the e-mail accompanying the presentation is that BPS will release a tool that lets families see their school options under each of these plans. It should be available later today or tomorrow.


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