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This memo contains the External Advisory Committee on Student Assignment's recommendation to the Boston School Committee.

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This is the presentation that the EAC made to the Boston School Committee on 2/27/2013 on their recommendations on student assignment.

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As part of the student assignment reform process, BPS conducted research on how students are assigned in other districts. This report is a summary of their findings.

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This presentation was apparently given to Boston City Councilors on 1/22/2013. I expect BPS to post this on their site soon, but if you can't wait, here it is. Sorry for the flipped pages, that's how it came to me.

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Text of e-mail from BPS on extending the EAC's deadline into January.

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This plan is from Peng Shi, a PhD candidate at MIT's Operations Research Center.

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This is a third party assessment commissioned by BPS on the student assignment policies submitted by community members.

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